About Us

Who We Are

We’re a small but very productive team, we’re operating out of England and have been working in the field of Health and Nutrition, namely supplements and alternative medicine for many years.

After consulting many people, including companies that I have sourced supplements from in the past and for the most part speaking to Doctors who specialise in the area of Nutrigenomic Medicine we were able to put together a supplement that we feel will help support people concerned about their immune system and many people who have had concerns due to the adverse reactions they have had from vaccines.

We have independent lab tests for all of the ingredients we use, we also invite anyone who is sceptical to have their own independent test done.

All of our supplements are blended and packaged in ISO grade labs and we are dedicated to the best customer satisfaction and quality controls. We are in this for the long run and want our customers to return for future business.

Due to the hostility towards companies working in the field of alternative medicine we ONLY accept cryptocurrency as payment.

We accept the following methods of payment:

Monero / XMR

This is our preferred method of payment, it is like Bitcoin but offers much lower transaction time than BTC, TRUE PRIVACY, and the processing fees are are fraction of the price. If this is all Double-Dutch to you please don’t panic. Just look on YouTube or Google and ask “How to buy Monero” and “How to Send Monero”.

Pirate Chain / ARRR

We like this as much as Monero, this is a great project which enables you to not only send payments anonymously protecting your privacy and ours, but you can also send messages up-to 512 Characters long when you make the payment. This could be useful if you want to send any information that is extra sensitive that you dont want to include in the Checkout form. As with Monero, a 10 minute video can easily be found by asking “How to buy Pirate Chain”.

Dash / DASH

We are not as keen on Dash as we are on Monero or Pirate, but for many people this is easy as many of the popular Wallets like Exodus and Edge wallet allow for very easy ways to convert more popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is also good for you as the transaction fees are pennies compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum which can cost as much as $10 to send $50 and then there is a similar cost at our end. Bitcoin is great for long term storage of large amounts of money, however, it is not suited for small to medium size transactions. The costs are high and the time to process transactions are very slow.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision / BSV

We do also accept BSV, this is not to be confused with Bitcoin (BTC). For some people this may be easier, we are happy to accept Bitcoin SV or BSV as it’s referred to as its ticker symbol. We like BSV because the transactions fees are very low and very fast.

I know most people are only aware of Bitcoin and these other methods may seem even more alien to you than Bitcoin, but we hope you can understand that you paying high fees to send us money which we have to pay fees aswell is not good for business.

Why Can’t I just pay in Bitcoin?

We love Bitcoin as a way of storing large amounts of money, but it is not suited for small and frequent online transactions. There is also the issue of privacy; contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin is not great for privacy. It is pseudo-anonymous, in the sense that you do not need a passport or drivers liscense to get a Bitcoin wallet, however, Bitcoin transactions are all done on a public and open ledger.

When your wallet sends money to me or anyone, once someone has your wallet address your money is safe yes, but within a few seconds anyone can see how much money or Bitcoin you have and where all of your transactions have gone. I do not want that for you and I don’t want that for me either. For true privacy when you make transactions we would advise you to use Monero or Pirate, I have no preference it is just a case of which is easier for you.”


Dash offers a little more privacy than Bitcoin and BSV are implementing features soon that will make transactions more private, but the main reason we also accept those is the low transaction fees which are about the same as Monero and Pirate but if its easier for you to use DASH or BSV then we will accept that if it is easier for you.

It is not difficult to exchange Bitcoin to the aforementioned cryptocurrencies, and not only will it save you and us a lot of money but if you use Monero or Pirate you will also be making payments that are truly private and anonymous.

Again I do apologize, I am grateful you are here to buy products and not be overwhelmed with things like Monero or Pirate Chain, but this is the only way for us to effectively do business. Also with the aggressive progression towards a cashless society, we would rather go cashless on our own terms.