Can I Detox a Covid Vaccine With Borax?

can i detox vaccine with borax

I have had numerous emails from people asking if one can detox from a covid vaccine by bathing in borax and other minerals and cleaning agents. I will answer this in short first, no you cannot detox, reverse or undo a vaccine by bathing in borax, Epsom salts, baking soda or a mixture of all three. In preparation for this article, I was doing some research as to why people would be asking this and surprise surprise, the media had to put their spin on this. One that stood out to me was an article in the Guardian.

The piece she wrote was disgusting, and completely out of touch. The narrative is that people trying to detox or remove this vaccine are “anti-vaccine”, if they were truly anti-vaccine, they would not have taken it in the first place! What this article is in my opinion is damage control, and is trying to dismiss why anyone would want to remove this harmful injection. The reason why someone would want to remove it is that they were, in the best-case scenario, misled into taking it and worst case coerced into it.

As Professor Angela Rasmussen, was quoted in the article said “Once you’re injected, the lifesaving vaccination process has already begun. You can’t unring a bell. It’s just not physically possible.” And she would be correct, you cannot undo this vaccine. Another quote from Professor Rasmussen was “I think it is a good sign that these ‘How to undo your vaccine’ videos are taking off,” Rasmussen said. “It suggests that a lot of those people who previously were saying ‘vaccines are terrible and I will never do it are doing it.”

Now that confirms to me she is either mad or bad, maybe a mixture of the two. To think that it suggests people are doing it are because they miraculously changed their mind is delusional. It is clear to anyone with more than a handful of brain cells, the reason why they are trying to undo it is they were coerced into it by the threat of losing their job or some other coercive measure. Once they had complied, had tried to undo this untested medical procedure.

Is there any truth to Borax?

I am not sure about this with conventional vaccines, but there are a couple of truths to the guardian’s article and similar ones. You cannot detox with borax or bath salts as TikTok videos have claimed, and they are also truthful about it being bad for your skin and eyes. I have not studied the videos or claims of these so-called “anti-vaxxers” as I am too busy, but I would not be surprised if these videos have been taken out of context and have also been weaponised by the media for discrediting anyone who is opposed to vaccines.

So, What Can I Do?

VaccineDetox does not claim to “undo”, “un-inject” or “reverse” a vaccine. That is not doable, traditionally people would want to detox from heavy metals from traditional vaccines. That may well be possible, but for us, the priority has and will always be removing the most dangerous part of the mRNA which is the blood clots. We have elaborated more on that in one of our articles that covered blood clots and CVST.

We have developed a formula that will break down and reduce blood clots to a level that should be safe and manageable. The most important part of this is the 12 different enzymes we use, and after thousands of tests and hundreds of hours of research we have blended those with the most potent pine pollen which also helps break down the micro clots whilst also boosting the immune system; we also combine this with Organic Chaga Mushroom Extract which is also essential for repairing the immune and nervous system and lastly this is combined with Organic Lucuma Extract which provides extra vitamin c and giving a more palatable taste.

There is nothing unnatural in our VaccineDetox. We also have enough confidence in what we do to explain in great detail how you can monitor your progress.

We hope this can be of use to you and if you have any further questions please contact us via email or leave comments below.

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