Can I reverse the COVID vaccine?

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Can I reverse the COVID vaccine?

Another common question we get which is similar to our last post Can you undo a vaccine? or the more recent article Can I undo a vaccine with Borax? is ‘Can I reverse the COVID vaccine?’

Reverse vaccination technique in mice?

There have been many recent articles, some of them on more mainstream sources, who claim there is a lot of research going into technology that can reverse adverse side effects of the vaccine with another vaccine, Reverse vaccination technique in mice suggests a new way to teach the immune system not to attack life-saving treatments.

So what exactly is going on?

There are too many variables for me to work out why there are discussions from the people and organisations pushing this are now seeking ways to counter vaccine adverse side effects when it was so “safe and effective”? There are many reasons why this could be the case, it could be there are not enough people going along with this narrative and looking for a solution to a potential problem can be damage control.

Damage control so they can say they tried to alert people and warn them, or that to claim they were trying to save people and then blame other people.It could be opportunistic, I found it interesting that there is a lot of marketing of Pfizer owned products that solve the problems caused by VTE – (Venous Thromboembolic Event) Eliquis, a medicine that treats blood clots and Vyndaqel, a rare heart disease drug.

Should I take Eliquis or Vyndaqel?

This is an area where I am not getting into telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t do. Even though the mainstream media, government and big tech and pharmaceutical companies seem to love telling people what they should or shouldn’t do, that doesn’t make it right for us to tell anyone what to do.In the short, to medium term, we will be looking into (VTE) Venous thromboembolism and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). And examine how VaccineDetox can naturally break down blood clots and cure these problems which seem to be happening on levels never seen before.

So What Should I Do?

We will be looking into the side effects of drugs like Eliquis and Vyndaqel, and into these vaccines that are being trialled on mice currently, however, we recommend you do this yourselves and make an informed decision.What we can be certain of, is doctors will be encouraged to nudge people away from these as they don’t want to accept that their untested medical procedure is not working, there will also be long delays if they are currently testing this vaccine reversal vaccine on mice.So our advice stays the same as previous posts if you have taken this jab and are regretting it, get the d-dimer test, and take our detox for a month and check your d-dimer levels every month.If you wish to try medication like Vyndaqel or Eliquis then I am not going to say not to take it as we have not had the time to look into this and even if we had data or evidence that shows it to be dangerous, this is and always should be the individual’s decision. However, we are not going to say that you should not be taking our VaccineDetox with this, however, we would say you should try and take it at different times to see which works for you.


Our opinion is the same as before, the new treatments being talked about are not in competition with us so we have no issue discussing them. You should still follow our original guide or look at our main blog to get the best guide on how to approach your adverse effects.

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