Cryptocurrencies – BTC, XMR and More

As we have Explained in our homepage and on our products page and elsewhere. We can only be paid via cryptocurrency.

The reasons for this are also explained on our FAQ page but in short the reason why we have to be paid by cryptocurrencies is that the normal avenues of payment processing like PayPal and Stripe are not possible.

And it is no criticism of them, as large blue chip companies who are part of the bigger legacy financial system; their hands are tied and they have to answer to government and the pharmaceutical industry.

We also prefer the idea of using private and decentralized currencies as there is such a push towards a cashless society, we would rather embrace ones which offer people privacy and freedom.

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin means they cannot be stopped. There are some issues with Bitcoin, the main one is the transaction fees are slower and more expensive, and because it is built on an open ledger, the transactions are not completely anonymous.

Our product is not illegal so we have no reason to require complete anonymity, however, we would rather promote the technologies that offer the best privacy and the ones we feel have a better future.

We are going to accept Bitcoin, but we are going to offer a 10% discount to transactions made in Monero and Pirate Chain as they have lower transaction fees, we can pass on that saving to our customers.

Bitcoin – BTC

Bitcoin – BTC

Bitcoin often called BTC is the original cryptocurrency most people will be familiar with. It is great and we see it as gaining value still over time. We cannot offer discount with this though as the transaction fees are relatively high on small purchases like ours.

You are welcome to make your purchase with Bitcoin, but we would recommend you convert to Monero – XMR or Pirate Chain. Your purchase will be made with complete privacy and offer you much lower fees.

Just look up on Google or YouTube, how to convert bitcoin to Monero with Exodus or Edge Wallet. Or look up, how to convert Bitcoin to Pirate chain etc. It is very easy.

Pirate Chain - ARRR
Pirate Chain – ARRR

Pirate Chain – ARRR

Pirate Chain or as it’s ticker symbol say’s ARRR is the most private cryptocurrency, please look it up if you are interested in financial freedom. This will be a very important technology for people who see the ramifications of having a central bank controlled digital currency. It works by using a technology called Zero Knowledge Proofs or ZK-Snarks. This is beyond the scope of an e-commerce page but I would encourage looking into this. All that matters to you at this point though, as a customer, we will offer a 10% discount when you buy with ARRR.

Monero - XMR
Monero – XMR

Monero – XMR

is probably the most famous and well known crypto currency out there. It is like Pirate Chain, although not as anonymous. It uses a technology called CT RIng Signatures. Again, this is something I would recommend anyone to look into. You can convert Bitcoin into Monero at the click of a button using Edodus Wallet or Edge or other wallets like it. Although, if this is new to you i would suggest looking up a couple of YouTube videos on the topic.

Again all you need to know for our uses, we also offer a 10% discount on all purchases paid with Monero.

Dash offers very low cost, fast an private payments.

Dash – (DASH)

Dash is another cryptocurrency that can easily be converted from Bitcoin of apps like Exodus or Edge wallet. It has some privacy benefits to Bitcoin and offers extremely fast transactions.

However, due to it not having pricy by default like Monero or Pirate chain we are not willing to offer any discount for paying with this. You will however, benefit from much lower transaction fees then Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash – BCH

This is a fork of Bitcoin, and the transaction fees are lower than Bitcoin and the transactions are faster. Like Bitcoin it also offers low privacy, so we cannot offer discount. You will however benefit from lower transaction fees.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision – BSV

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision – BSV

This is like Bitcoin Cash in the sense that it offers lower transaction fees, but because it uses Bitcoin in its original design and therefore offers VERY fast and low transaction fees we will be offering a 10% discount on payments with BSV when they are integrated in the next day or so.

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