Helpie FAQ

Getting Started

  • What should I do if I am worried about adverse side effects after taking the Covid-19 Vaccine?

    If it were me, the first thing I would do is get a d-dimer test and try and make a diary of any events that seem out the ordinary. Then if the d-dimer levels are high or/and you are not feeling your normal self, take VaccineDetox every day and check your d-dimer levels a month later.

    If you see an improvement in your results, then continue and track your results and monitor progress.  Because VaccineDetox is making use of purely natural and organic ingredients, your overall health will benefit from taking VaccineDetox so you will always get value for money.

  • How Can I be Sure VaccineDetox Will Work?

    We cannot guarantee anything, but we have enough confidence to be completely transparent and explain not only what to do but how to prove that it works.

    Make sure you get a d-dimer test and look at the results you may have from other biomarkers in blood tests or urine samples. Take photos of rashes or areas showing blood clots and see how things pan out over a month or two.

    We cannot really do more than that and hope you appreciate our openness. You can get more information from our Blog, where You will find articles like Treatment of Blood Clots or CVST and you will also find more in our product description of Vaccine Detox.

  • Why Do I have to Pay with Cryptocurrency? Can I pay with Credit card or PayPal?

    Unfortunately we can only accept payment via Cryptocurrency. Creditcard payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal are under too much political and financial pressure to be taking sides when it comes to pharmaceuticals. This is no judgement on their part, but it is just a simple matter of fact; payment processing platforms that are centralized can easily be shut down. The only way for us to take payment in a way that is unstoppable is via decentralized cryptocurrencies. We favor Monero and Pirate Chain, not only can these payments circumvent this issue, you have complete privacy. In these times, where there are pushes for cashless payments, it is important to use payments that cannot be tracked and traced. Do look into these, they will also be a good investment from what we can see in the short to medium term.

  • My company is pressurizing me to take the vaccine and I don't want to, can VaccineDetox be a solution to this?

    Again, we are not in the position to be be giving you medical advice, and we cannot decide for you. However, I would not recommend you take the jab and then use VaccineDetox to detox afterwards. It would be unethical for us to recommend this. Personally, I would say if a company is willing to sack you for not taking it, you should not be working for them.

    No one should ever take any untested medical procedure, especially to keep a job whose employers do not vlaue their human rights.

    Ultimately, this is your own decision but we like to think the people who buy from us are people who have been mislead already. If you are awake to this already (in my own opinion) you should save yourself some time any money and avoid the vaccine at all costs.

  • How do I know this is not a scam?

    You don’t, but we are in this for repeat business and it is not in our interest to fleece our customers. As time progresses, this will be a non issue. Try for yourselves, do your own tests, even get independent lab tests; we are in this for the long run and make ourselves as transparent as possible.

  • Can I Remove The Vaccine With Borax?

    No, and we would not advise doing such a thing. You cannot undo or remove the covid 19 vaccine.  We have covered this in more detail in a blog post you can see here.