About Vaccine Detox

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The Most Potent Organic Supplements for Vaccine Injury!

Containing the most potent Organic Pine Pollen, Lucuma Extract, Chaga Mushroom Extract and Proteolytic Enzymes

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What Is The Solution?

I have had a lot of experience in nutrition and alternative medicine. After researching the concerns, the side effects and examining the ingredients I have been able to launch a nutritional supplement that will cover all problem areas.

Our supplement Counteract these symptoms:

  • Antioxidants, Glutathoine, Adaptogen to Prevent and Restore Damage to DNA, RNA, Liver and Nervous System!

  • Ionizing Herbal Formula to Cleanse Liver and Kidneys!

  • Natural Blood Thinners to negate Blood Clotting!

  • Medicinal Mushroom Formula to Support Adaptogen, DNA and RNA!

  • Defence against Spike Protein, Coagulation Cascade with Enzymes!

How Do We Know VaccineDetox Will Work?

We Cannot Give Any Gaurentees that VaccineDetox Will Work for you, however, we have enough confidence in our product to encourage our customers to test their blood before and after using our product. It is very hard to find this level of transparency in this day and age! - Greg, VaccineDetox

This is very simple, once you have ordered VaccineDetox, get a D-Dimer test before taking it, even if you are waiting for the results, still take the supplement (you will still be able to monitor the progress) and then get another D-Dimer test a month later and see if the bio-markers have improved and the key one being a lower d-dimer level.

We are currently looking to test this with people and results will soon be published.

Some of the side effects Vaccine Detox Counteracts:

  • Headaches

  • Micro-clots and sudden bruising throught the body?

  • Sterility among both women and men

Other Areas Improved Upon by VaccineDetox

  • Exceptionally heavy menstrual cycles among both yound and post menopausal

  • Miscarriages

  • Reduction in Breast Milk?

Initially I planned to make the supplement as tablet form, as it would be the most convenient, however, due to the high doses of the different ingredients this would not be possible or pleasant for the consumer. I decided to package this formula to be blended into a drink form, this is best done using a blender or nutri-bullet, although, this can be mixed using a protein shake container.

We can only accept Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Pirate Chain, Litecon and Dash. We have links to all these projects, we cannot accept PayPal or credit card as I know only too well that any business that is going against the narrative of big pharma will be villanised.

We dispatch on the day of the order and ship worldwide at the best proces possible. We also ship in packaging that fits through a standard letterbox/mailbox as we want to keep postage/shipping costs to a minimum for our customers!

I have worked in the supplement space on and off for many years, I am not at liberty to discuss previous companies as I know this is a sensitive topic that will likely cause me issues with business partners and shareholders at companies I am involved with.

VaccineDetox.co does supply a full list of the independent labs tests carried out on ALL our ingredients and we have made the most potent and powerful detox formula we can due the likelihood of potency being of absolute necessity.