Vaccine Detox

1 - Open and Transparent

You will be hard pushed to find a company in the supplements and natural medicine field who encourages its customers to take blood tests and monitor the bio-markers. We don't trust anything we read and don't expect our customers to either!

2 - Natural Organic Ingredients

We believe there is NO VALID REASON for using any unnatural ingredient, and there is no reason for using non-organic ingredients! A few decades ago EVERYTHING was organic. When making a product for people who have poor immune systems we strongly maintain EVERY ingredient should benefit health!

3 - High Potency

For the same reasons there should be no shortcuts for poor quality, there are no excuses for poor quantity either. We have often been infuriated at the misleading labels on supplements sold, and as we are getting our ingredients from the main suppliers, (often from source) there are no excuses for misleading our customers.

4 - No Middlemen

As great as Amazon may seem, when selling through their platform, vendors often have to pay a 30% commission. These fees will always be absorbed by the customer. By having a direct transaction with us using open source payment systems like Pirate Chain means the commission is as close to zero as possible meaning we can provide great value and be competitive.

5 - Customer Satisfaction

We are in this for the long run, we want repeat business and wish to build everything on good reputation and customer satisfaction. We look forward to doing business with you! :-)