Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there such thing as an mRNA detox?

A: Not to our knowledge, the best way to see the way our product works is that it detoxes the body of substances that make you toxic whiclst also supporting the immune system to ensure you do not suffer the adverse effects that many will encounter who have had a faulty mRNA procedure.

Q: Can I pay with PayPal or Credit Card?

A: Sorry, no we cannot. Due to the power and influence of big-pharma we cannot accept payments with the legacy banking system. We have tried to use systems like this previously and unfortunately companies like PayPal and Stripe have to give in to the pressure and freeze payment processing. Our current system also protects peoples privacy and security, some organisations will want to make large orders and this can be kept private and secure by using the best system for the job, which currently is Pirate Chain!

Q: Do vaccines stay in your body forever?

A: This is a complex question which we answer in more detail in some of our blog posts which can be found in our Blog/Archives Page

Q: How Can I be confident in Your Product?

A: As we have said in many previous pages and posts, we cannot say it will work for 100% of people 100% of the time, but we have enough confidence in VaccineDetox to be upfront, open and transparent by not only telling you how to test it for effectiveness, but encourage you to do so!