How to Buy Vaccine Detox

!!! ATTENTION !!! - We will not be taking orders for the next week or so, due to high demand we are not taking new orders until our old ones are fulfilled, the information below is only to explain how to make the orders.

For enquiries, please go to our Contact Page which you will find in the main menu!

We recommend subscribing to our RSS feed, that way you will be notified the moment we are ready to take new orders. We are also working with people who are testing VaccineDetox for feedback on our latest iteration, if this is something that interests you then please visit our Contact Us page!

We have written about this previously, but in short the way we take payment and the details for the order are done via Pirate Chain, this is because payments are secure, safe, private and encrypt the order details within the payment which means we don't have to depend on less secure systems like Worpress and WooCommerce.

To buy from us you will need to buy some Pirate Chain, once you have this in your Pirate Wallet you will be able to order from us VERY easily!

The Video below was the most helpful in my opinion buy looking on YouTube and searching 'How to buy Pirate Chain' will return many useful videos.

Step 1 - Scan the Wallet or copy the address

To place an order with us, scan the QR Code or send to this address if you cannot scan:


Pirate Chain QR Code

Pirate Chain

Step 2 - Enter the Correct amount in USD

To keep things simple with the current Pirate Chain wallet and to factor in price fluctuations, we need you to set the correct amount in $ US Dollars.

  • Enter $45 USD for United Kingdom Orders - Being based in the UK means we can offer free delivery to UK orders. Delivery usually within 48 hours, due to a back-order, this is taking about a week!

  • Enter $50 USD for EU Countries - This is the best price we can offer for EU Countries, often this will be at a loss for us, but it keeps things simple. Delivery usually within 72 hours, due to a back-order, this is taking just over a week!

  • Enter $55 USD for USA and Canadian Customers - This will cover postal costs to the US and Canada via Royal Mail - Delivery usually less than a week, due to a back-order, this is taking about two weeks!

  • Enter $65 USD for The Rest of the World - This will cover postal costs to other World Countries via Royal Mail - Delivery usually less than two weeks!

Please contact us about making bulk orders.

Step 3 - Enter Your Address in the Memo Box

This is one of the best reasons for using Pirate Chain, you can enter your personal details with the peace of mind knowing your address is kept encrypted with the best technology available. Also include your Pirate Chain address at the end, so we have a record of your address in the unlikely event we need to issue a refund.

Example of UK Order Memo:

Mr John Smith, 17 Brook St, London, W1U 5TP. zs103j80840sikawi002198308081skeoiwqulxjqllqdkhfkhakhfdsalkfau4pk

Example of EU Order Memo:

Capitaine Jean Luc PICARD, 52 RUE DES FLEURS, 33500 LIBOURNE, FRANCE. zs103j80840sikawi002198308081skeoiwqulxjqllqdkhfkhakhfdsalkfau4pk

Example of USA Order Memo:

JOHN SMITH, 300 BOYLSTON AVE E, SEATTLE WA 98102, USA. zs103j80840sikawi002198308081skeoiwqulxjqllqdkhfkhakhfdsalkfau4pk

Example of Other World Country Order Memo:

Mrs J Patterson, 4/43 Vogel Street, Roslyn, Palmerston North 4414, NEW ZEALAND. zs103j80840sikawi002198308081skeoiwqulxjqllqdkhfkhakhfdsalkfau4pk

Step 4 - Press Send

This is all we need from you. Your order will be processed usually within hours.

Why Do We Use this System?

Due to the censorious nature of the banks and the normal payment gateways we are using Pirate Chain (ARRR) as a means of payment.

This is a little inconvenient, however, once you understand how to purchase, store and use PirateChain you will get a real appreciation for this technology.

Why Use PirateChain?

There are a few excellent reasons for using this technology:

    1. Your order information is kept completely encrypted and secure withing the payment
    1. It is the most secure, anonymous and private form of payment!
    1. This is one of the very few projects that see doing well in the Cryptocurrency space in the long-term. Because it has so much ongoing development and such a good marketing team and research team, this is no shit coin. ARRR we believe is a perfect fit for businesses like ours!