24 May 2021

How to Undo a Vaccine

I get many questions about "how to undo a vaccine", now this is not to be confused with Reverse vaccinology, which uses the expressed genomic sequences to find new potential vaccines.

When people ask me about how to undo a vaccine 9 times out of 10 they are asking about the idea of cleansing, detoxing and undoing vaccines they have received.

Now when we are talking about detoxing from traditional jabs, the motivation for this is removal of heavy metals and other substances like formaldahyde etc.

This is relatively simple to do and can be accomplished with a good organic diet and taking the following supplements:

  • Chlorella - (1-4 grams per day)
  • Vitamin C - (3000 mg per day)
  • Cilantro - (Preferably taken as a tincture twice per day)
  • Shilajit - (between 100 and 500mg per day)
  • Milk Thistle - (150mg, twice per day)
  • Probiotics - (soil-based, 50 billion units one time daily)

!!! ATTENTION - The following supplements will not be up to the job of what - we are dealing with now. The new mRNA versions need a lot more attention.

Our !!! VaccineDetox !!! basically does what the above supplements would do but a lot more intensely. Our formulae contains the following:

  • Organic Pine Pollen
  • Resveratrol
  • Nattokinase
  • Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes Complex
  • Chaga Mushroom Extract
  • Organic Lucuma Extract

We have these ingredients in the most potent quantities we can deliver and to finish we have high amounts of Organic Lucuma Extract for its health benefits too but the main reason we use this for our blend is to add fibre which is beneficial and we love the fact it adds a pleasant caramel taste which is NATURAL. Most nutritional drinks add artificial flavours which is something we are well against.

How do we know VaccineDetox Works?

We have enough confidence in our formula to not only offer a money-back guarente but also show you how to test that it works.

As we explained in our ![Article about micro clots / blood clots]! you will not get any feedback from the conventional MRI or CT scans, you need to get a d-dimer test. We recommend you find a local doctor or private clinic that does these and check their feedback and reviews on Google / Yelp etc.

Once you have found an ideal place for a d-dimer test, then get tested. Make sure a week has passed. It is my opinion to avoid the second if you have had the first; but a disclaimer is to say I am not giving you medical advice.

The d-dimer test will notify you if you have micro clots. If you see results that show this do not despair, make sure you are eating as healthily as you can.

If you choose our formula to do the detox, we encourage you to take it constantly and take the d-dimer test after a month or two and see if the results have improved.

We appreciate feedback and would love to hear how it has worked for you, good or bad.

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