16 June 2021

Do Vaccines Stay in your body forever?

Many ask that if vaccines stay in your body forever?

And if so, why do we have the booster shots?

Due to the power of big pharma, I am not getting into the business of criticising companies, and how effective their products are.

I believe people should be able to come to their own conclusions and I am sure most of our customers have done so.

What we can all agree on is some vaccines, like the ones for measles or for hepatitis B are a one-off, but others, like tetanus, last for many years but require periodic shots.

When people ask 'Do they stay in your body forever?' we find this is mostly related to What concerns people, is the long term side effects.

I would break this into parts:

1) Does the vaccine physically stay in your body forever?

2) Does the vaccine affect the body forever?

For both of these points, this can be true. There are some bad things in vaccines and often they can stay with us for a lifetime, and yes there are valid arguments that point out that heavy metals and other toxic elements are in a variety of things we consume and around us in the environment.

The second point that the affects can stay with us forever too, so we can say in many ways the vaccines stay in our body forever.

Where our product is so effective is that it has no adverse effects, because we believe the best medicine is natural. Our Detox formula contains natural ingredients that have been used by people for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

So to sum up I think it's better to not panic about if a vaccine stays in us for ever, it is best to keep an eyes on bio-markers that we can look for to make sure that if there are any adverse effects we can contain and treat them before they become a bigger problem.

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