Vaccine Detox Smoothie


This is an article to clear up VaccineDetox and how it works. I have been asking people if our drink is a Vaccine Detox Smoothie.

In one sense you could say that, it has the same texture as a smoothie; but do not expecting it to taste like an Innocent Mango and Strawberry or anything from Starbucks. But considering the potency and the medicinal benefits it tastes very pleasant.

What Is Vaccine Detox?

Our Vaccine Detox Smoothie is a blend of the most potent pine pollen, chaga mushroom and a strong blend of at least twelve very powerful enzymes which naturally break down and stop micro-clots. This is combined with Organic Lucuma powder which is high in vitamin c and has a beautiful caramel like flavor to it.

There is nothing artificial our blend and we recommend you just use as instructed, add a scoop to a small class of cold water (using a blender will make it taste better) but you can use a stirrer or a protein shake mixer.

As we have mentioned in other posts and in the product page, we advise getting a d-dimer test prior to taking it and a month later get another d-dimer test. If your d-dimer levels were elevated, you will see this decrease dramatically.

You will not be disappointed with the results.

If you have any questions feel free to leave comments or get in touch with us.

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