Warning from Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy Group

tess laurie mentions there is now enough information on the yellow card system to say the covid vaccine is unsafe

A headline on One America News Network has revealed the Evidence Based Medicine Consulting Group have called for the Vaccine to be halted immediately.

According to the data which they have researched on the UK Yellow Card which you can find on their website, (this link https://e-bmc.co.uk/ will signpost you to the Yellow Card System) (Britain’s equivalent to the Open VAERS system).

The Evidence Based Medicine Group mentioned in their reports there are many concerns and an alarming number of the following complications many suffered from getting the vaccine including:

  • Bleeding, Clotting and Ischaemic Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR)
  • Immune System ADR’s
  • Pain ADR’s
  • Neurological ADR’s
  • Damage to eyesight, hearing, speech and/or smell.

There are many serious concerns about VAERS especially when considering the numbers are estimated to be massively under-reported; and the numbers at the time of writing this article 21st June 2021 are very high and still growing rapidly:

  • 5,800 Deaths
  • 43,000 Urgent Care
  • 700 Miscarriages
  • Over 2,000 heart Attacks
  • 20,000 Hospitalisations
  • 58,000 Visits
  • 1,500 Anaphylaxis
  • 1,800 Bells Palsy

The numbers are estimated to be under-reported to represent under 10 percent of the actual numbers, even if we accept the numbers as a proper metric, this means the Covid Vaccines have caused more damage in 6 months than all other vaccinations combined!

As earlier mentioned this is the thin side of the wedge in my opinion and this number is ever growing.

How many celebrities died in 2020 due to covid?

NONE, well to my knowledge there was a Japanese Sumo Wrester who allegedly died because of covid in May 2020. However, based on the fact that he was morbidly obese,even by the NHS standards, it seems a stretch to say he died from covid. But lets assume this is correct…..

How Many Died in 2021 Due to “Covid”?

In my opinion A LOT LOT MORE! DMX, Marvin Haggler, William “The first to receive the vaccine” Shakespeare are just a few that spring to mind. There are also a lot of people reporting Bells Palsy and many people I know personally are reporting the fact the feel awful.

What Can I do About it?

We will outline both preventative measures and measures that our supplement will likely help relieve damage to the aforementioned problems. It would be wrong of us to make promises, but as we have mentioned on our homepage and product page we have researched what we feel is the best natural solution, there are some areas that VaccineDetox will likely only work in a complimentary capacity, however, we recommend treatments with companies we use ourselves and we will elaborate as to why.

  1. Bleeding, Clotting – This is addressed with the combination of our Organic Wild Mountain Pine Pollen, Vitamin B Complex and enzymes. You will not only feel a marked improvement in your health, but you will notice a dramatic improvement in lowering cholesterol in just a month or two with regular use!
  2. Immune System ALL of our organic ingredients improve the immune system DRAMATICALLY! The Pine Pollen, Chaga Extract, Enzymes, Vitamins are made by the best producers, we encourage you to check out the lab reports on ALL our ingredients!
  3. Pain – If you are in pain, then having the right additional supplements will help you overcome pain better than you may think in the sense you will be able to better process nutrients and repair cells, also having a better immune system will also help you cope with pain better; however, we don’t include pain relief in our formula. (If you have any specific questions, please go to our FAQ’s section).
  4. Neurological ADR’s – VaccineDetox will help with Neurological problems, the high concentration of Chaga Mushroom Extract on its own will help with Neurological issues for many, and the product overall will not only be beneficial, but natural!
  5. Sight, Hearing Speech or Smell – This would be a hard claim to make for anyone, Vaccine Detox does help limit damage to the body and helps the body recover at a cellular level. So we would recommend that you try this at any rate as we offer complete satisfaction guarantee on our products anyway.


Our formula when broken down is more cost effective than any of the supplements you will find, even the “better” multivitamins can cost more than what we are offering, so what you get from us is good value even if you are looking to improve your overall immune system!

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